Extreme sports in Gállego river


Gállego river is also one of most important watershed of the Pyrenean. Have a go and sail across the wild waters and you will go into a different world only seen from the river. Are you brave enough?


Canoeing, rafting, hidrospeed, canoraft… There are plenty of ways to go down the wild water river, the only question is which only will you choose? Gállego river is a perfect option for people in love with nature, for the ones willing to feel emotions, for the families with the children, no matter how, no matter why but fun is assured.


Another good option is to visit a business in the area, they can arrange a guided canoe down for all the levels, also if you want to there are experienced guided that will explain you the environment and the culture.


Not everything has to be excitement and adrenaline. Murillo de Gállego offers a waterfront where you can swim and relax.

Hiking and BTT


Are you a biker or do you prefer hiking? there are several ways for biking around and an endless paths for walking and hiking. Either or are great options, make up your mind and get on the move!


Hiking is a wonderful choice, there are multiples excursions around Murillo, for example you can go for a stroll until Agüero, or you can do the circular route in the Mallos de Riglos or even more, you can hike down from the Castle of Loarre to Murillo through the GR1, just a gorgeous hike that you won´t ever forget.


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This is not all, it was just some examples of what you can find but there are lots more here waiting for you. Riding in a bicycle or hiking, for all levels, there are no excuses.


Vías Ferratas


Do you love climbing but you are afraid of heights? If so don´t worry we can solve the problem, vias ferratas. They are small excursions but they also have some parts 100% up straight, don´t worry you will have a harness and stairs, climbing will be easier, funnier and safe. RISK MINIMIZED


Do not forget, for this excursion you will need the proper material, a climbing harness and a helmet. If you prefer there is another option, businesses an arrange everything for you, they will give you the equipment that you need and an experienced guided.


Nearby Murillo there are two fully equipped vias ferratas, one at Peña Rueba and the other one goes all the way up until the Vultures lookout.

Paintball, tree climbing and canopy walking


Are you still waiting for more?


Completa tus vacaciones jugando en alguno de estos dos parques disponibles en Murillo.


Hazte un estratega y llena con bolas de pintura a tus amigos jugando a paintball. Una alternativa para completar tu estancia en compañía de tus amigos o familia.


Conviértete en un auténtico mono en el parque de aventura de Arborismo. Una sucesión de gymcanas aéreas que te hacen progresar de una manera divertida entre las diferentes plataformas y que te llevan cada vez más alto. Cuidado al final de cada plataforma una Tirolina premia tu esfuerzo con un descenso controlado.

Paintball Murillo



These impressive rock walls raise from both sides of the river, they have a long story on its walls, back in the 50s it became well known for the best climbers in Spain, it was one of the toughest walls to climb. Nowadays these old rocks still have that charming that brings people from all over the world and have made it a place of cult for all the climbers, with classic and extreme routes.


If you are a climber you will love to have a look to the following links, features of the routes, the information that you need. Routes guide with full information is available in the stores of the village.


Mallos de Riglos and Peña Rueba are two the most characteristic places in Spain, it is a must do for all the climbers fan. Over 150 climbing routes run on the walls, from rookies to experienced climbers, they all will have fun and will find these walls a challenge. There is no other place to climb, defy the heights.


Escalada en los Mallos de Riglos