Murillo de Gállego is bordering the Ebro´s depression and the Pyrenees, this wonderful place will charm everybody, but the ones in love with nature like botanist or geologist will find their own small heaven in this worldwide recognized paradise. There is nothing that you won´t like, the Mallos impressive walls with the wild water canyon Gállego river on its feet, the blooming almond trees, the hundreds of predatory birds or even the light all over the landscape covering every corner of this beautiful place at the Pyrenean foothills.


Stunning land


Aragonesa Mallo means the vertical walls over 300 meters high. The Pyrenean foothills raised 25 million years ago, then the sedementary rocks were deposited. Environmental and atmospheric factors such as rain and wind as well as time made the rest, it shaped a stunning landscape. You will need more than once to really get to know it, and the more you know the more you will surprise.


Few years ago Murillo became the beginning of the geological transpyrenean route ( which allows us to know the geological history of the Pyrenees thanks to an informative boards. This route leads to Bel Air city, at the French side of the Pyrenees.


Every year heaps of university students from all over the world visit us to make their thesis, you don´t have to be an expert to follow them to our small magic world, visit us and have a great experience. Don´t miss this opportunity.



Birds and predatory fly across the sky, many people are surprised of the number of birds they can see. We are a first quality destination for bird watchers from any side of the world, Not only the number but the importance of the species that you can see makes this one of the most important worldwide place for ornithologists. Come and see our unspoilt place, we won´t let you down.


Wild predatory birds are the king of the Mallos, they rule that world creating a beautiful feeling, you get involved there, watching the gracefulness of the griffon vulture or the bearded vulture. They have their headquarters in the Alimoches when spring arrives. You can see short-toed snake eagles, booted eagles and the black kites fighting with the red kites, trying to get the perfect poplar and willow for their nest close to the river.


Gallego river is also the playground for our friends, like the kingfisher or the blackbirds, you can see otters playing in the river, this river is a source of life.


Our location is a privilege, the border is the last place to watch some species because beyond this point and going up north it will be much harder to see them again, for example: the lesser white-throat, the European bee eater, the black winged kite hovering over grassland or the beautiful European roller.


Vivo river


Gállego is our river, we can´t imagine Murillo without Gállego. The river is life flowing, it is the past, the present and the future. The surrounding area is based on it, its culture and businesses that bring life to the village, it is the engine of the whole village and that is reason why we call as it.


However we have a big menace, we have been fighting for 25 year against the construction of a reservoir, the reservoir of Biscarrués because we want a Vivo river (living river). You can find more information in

The flouring hidden secret of Murillo


Not everything is already discovered in Murillo de Gállego and the prove is a secret that was discovered not long ago. For the botanist fans from late February until June is the flowering of a special type of geranium that only grows here, in a land of eight kilometers square. It doesn’t grow in any other place in the whole world. It was discovered at the end of the 60s but it was not until the 70s when it was registered with a name. It´s an endemic specie, in danger of extinction, we have to save it and preserve the environment.


You can find more information in (the vulture´s geranium).