Know Murillo de Gállego

Murillo de Gállego is a village located at the aragonese Pyrenean foothills, between Huesca and Zaragoza. Surrounded by an breathtaking environment, with the magnificent Mallos de Riglos in the background, Peña Rueba behind it and the wild Gállego River all over. Murillo gives you the chance to enjoy a different tourism, in harmony with nature: Extreme Sports, hikes, your dreamed cottage, open and helpful people, hided places waiting for you to be discovered…


You will be thunderstruck after seen the village, may you share the experience of Murillo de Gállego.


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A charming village

Keep you informed about what happens in the village using the city hall website because you won´t be first one moving here after visiting us.


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Pollution zero, no stress, without preservatives nor coloring, that´s how Murillo de Gállego is, ready and waiting for you. Natural is better, let us show us why you will return after coming here.


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